Exploding Head Syndrome

Hello everybody. It's Adzybaby here, posting on Elusive Little Comments for the first time this year. I haven't ignored the world of music reviewing just yet, instead I decided to start over again and made an entirely new blog called Exploding Head Syndrome. I realise I should've just carried on using ELS and given it a name change but 2013 was a bad year for me. Losing the most important relationship in your life and wondering what the hell happened should not be a thing anybody should have to go through.

It made me a wreck basically. If I wasn't sleeping then I wasn't eating and then I would've become quite tetchy and purposely broke down friendships because I wasn't in the mood to be hurt again. It sucked, and was a rough time period for me. I tried many times to get back into writing reviews for ELC but the idea of returning to 150,000+ views and inevitably taking a break again 2 days later was something I didn't want to do. So I started Exploding Head Syndrome as a clean slate and it's gone pretty well for me mentally. I'm back to a point in my life where I can be happy to be on my own again, and with having a lot more time means a lot more productivity on the reviews side of life, which is good. Everything's good.

Exploding Head Syndrome is pretty much the same as Elusive Little Comments except it has a cooler name and banner to it. I will definitely be sticking with EHS for this year at least, whether or not I return fully to Elusive Little Comments is something I don't want to think about right now until I get properly back into the swing of things. But yeah, two years of Elusive Little Comments has contributed 766 reviews/interviews/whatever posts and has gained over 150,000 views worldwide. Crazy. I just wanted to say thanks, especially to those who stuck around even after I took my bajillionth break or something ridiculous.

Here's some links. Exploding Head Syndrome itself, it's Facebook Page, and the Twitter Page. Check it out and enjoy my words or enjoy reading how awful I am at words, and yeah. Thanks ELC.


SCNTST - Self Therapy | Elusive Little Comments

When: 18/11/2013
Where: Boysnoize Records
Like/Love: LOVE

SCNTST is the project of Berlin based Bryan Muller, and this is the debut album Self Therapy. Muller has already been hyped up as a prodigy of his techno/dance genre, with a series of releases on a small American label eventually intriguing the interest of Boysnoize Records while still at the age of just 17. I'm very jealous to say he was born in the same year as me, but his level of talent and ability to produce some unbelievable, excellent sounds makes age irrelevant.

Opening track Velour is a hypnotic introduction into the possible direction we could be taken by SCNTST, as some synths perform a translucent beat that sounds all kinds of angelic alongside the most natural percussion to send the airwaves into a bit of a hypnotic groove that excels on continuously moving forwards with different synths and beats. It's a wonderful listen.

Park At Night reveals SCNTST's brilliant skill at creating techno music as he uses some heavy bass sounds to full effect to create an intense sound that is just a straight up dance jam. Percess Scan continues the trend by taking things into a stranger direction with what seems to be SCNTST's best Daft Punk impression, though still keeps it within his character. Very cool.

Throwback is one of just a handful of tracks to feature some vocals and in this instance they help the track progress into a wonderful, romantic song with all kinds of spaceous synths and vast atmospheres performed and allowed to intertwine with the percussion to fuse some pretty heavy moments that definitely leave a lasting impression on me.

Mintra is a full on dance anthem and certainly one of the coolest moments of Self Therapy, which ends on a very high note with the eight minute long title track which performs a whole range of riffs and beats that get people dancing or get people relaxing. It's awesome.

Self Therapy is a superb debut effort from SCNTST which certainly justifies all of the hype and potential people have been giving to Bryan Muller. This album is intense and full of memorable moments and songs that will do a good job at sound-tracking anybody's dancefloor career. Awesome.

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Burning House - Post Party Stress Disorder | Elusive Little Comments

When: 25/11/2013
Where: NaĆ­ve Records
Like/Love: LOVE

Not too long ago we reviewed the debut album from super-duo Burning House, and it was freaking incredible. One of the songs we loved the most on Walking Into A Burning House was fortunately the new single from Chief Xcel and General Elektriks, Post Party Stress Disorder.

This track doesn't even hesitate to get things going right from the get go as a heavy electronic beat sets off while some slightly distorted vocal harmonies are laid down in the background like the most angelic canvas around while the crunchy basslines keeps things swinging right down to the hips. It's awesome, and that's only the intro.

The verses heads into a much more radio friendly route with less electronics and more bright, upbeat sounds before returning to the straight up jam for the chorus. The lyrics are simple, the beat is simple, but my god do Burning House make it work. The song soon blooms into this wonderful escape from reality and into dancing utopia as extra synths join in to provide added dance ammunition that's sure to get the listener dancing by now, and caps off what is quite possibly the best 5:31 of my entire life.

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The Rifles - Minute Mile | Elusive Little Comments

When: 11/11/2013
Where: Cooking Vinyl Records
Like/Love: LIKE

Indie veterans The Rifles return with brand new single Minute Mile on November 11th, and with a newly reformed lineup of the original members the band look to celebrate the release of upcoming new album None The Wiser in January. The record was produced by Dave McCracken (Ian Brown), and also Jamie Ellis and Chris Reece at Paul Weller's Black Barn Studios. It was also mixed by Steve Harris (Miles Kane) and Mike Crossey (Jake Bugg/The 1975), so it could quite possibly be the most indie sounding release ever heard.

Minute Mile is your traditional catchy number with the highly trebled, repeated guitar riff mixing alongside simple drums while the vocals do all of the directing before the track enters its chorus with an intense change up of sound and volume before smoothly turning back to the original riff like the chorus never happened. It's a very cool song, and one that definitely shows that The Rifles are more than capable of creating a good track. If all things continue to sound good, then we're certainly going to be in for a great record in the new year from these guys.

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