Captain of the Swedish Team - Brand New Skinny Ghost, Meet Your Brand New Angel Monster

Released: 2nd April 2012
Label: Desert Island Five Records
Genre: Math Rock/Post-Punk

Brand New Skinny Ghost, Meet Your Brand New Angel Monster is the lengthy album title from the debut of Canadian one man project Captain of the Swedish Team AKA Aaron Corbett. It is nearly an instrumental album full of heavy, loud guitar riffs and crashing drums which is to be expected after reading the above genres, but it is occasionally accompanied with certain parts of a recorded rant by Corbett’s roommate. This was released off of Corbett’s very own independent record label Desert Island Five, and check out its website here.

As I said earlier, Brand New Skinny Ghost… is one hell of a loud listen. The volume behind the recording of these parts (all played by Aaron Corbett) was certainly cranked all the way to eleven, and fortunately the production quality is top notch, meaning there’s no hint of crackling or microphones on their last legs, or that my laptop speakers are about to die. Sweet.

For an instrumental album, this does not become predictable or boring or anything negative. It is continually creative with guitar riffs and structures, and it becomes a really exciting listen. The spoken word rant from the roommate also manages to fit in with the tracks, almost as if they were intended for the song, which is brilliant foresight from Corbett.

It’s a great album from start to end and with the choice of paying whatever the hell you want for it, it’s a very good bargain. I cannot wait to see how Captain of the Swedish Team progresses, and how Desert Island Five does too. Stream Brand New Skinny Ghost, Meet Your Brand New Angel Monster in its entirety above if you haven't already, and enjoy.


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    1. I was going to reply saying how much I agreed with you aroloff, but that would make me look like a weirdo. But yeh, I do agree, this is definitely an exciting dose of instrumental music that's extremely easy to get into.