Jump Ship Quick - Where Thieves Cannot Tread

Jump Ship Quick play punk music. From that sentence you'd think that you've heard everything this band has to offer already - not so. While not being the most mould-breaking band in the world, JSQ do mix a few modern influences into their music, at times evoking Rise Against or, strangely, Sum 41.

Having said that, people who are fans of punk music will not find anything to dislike here. The musicianship is solid, and the vocalist's frenzied, spitting lyrics are classic punk. The songs are well-written and seem well-suited to being performed in a live environment.

Where Thieves Cannot Tread is Jump Ship Quick's first album, containing 16 balls-to-the-wall, roaring punk songs. This debut is of a higher quality than most new punk bands' first albums, probably due to the fact that most of the members were in other bands before joining JSQ.

If you're looking for a decent punk album, look no further than this one. However, I will be looking forward to JSQ's second effort, as I feel there is a lot of potential in this band. Where Thieves Cannot Tread was released on June 5 on Thumper Punk Records and Punk Roxx Records. It can be bought from here and here.

Stream "Hollywouldn't" below:

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