Choose My Music Records - The State Of Music Vol 5

Released: 09/11/2012

Label: Choose My Music Records

Choose My Music Records has been one busy label this year, and now it must put an end to one of its most successful series. The State Of Music is a series started up way back in August 2011. With the intention to raise £1,000 for Camden Calling, CMM wanted to reach the goal of finding one unsigned or indie label artist from each of the 50 states of America, interview and release their music on a compilation celebrating the music of their country.

15 Months later and CMM has released The State Of Music Vol 5, the final volume of the series, and once again it is a great collection of music. Featuring some melancholic sounds, it’s as if the series knows it’s coming to a close and is trying to end on a high note, while still giving the listener the poignant reminder that we won’t be hearing from it again.

There are some brilliant tracks included, such as the opening track Snake! Snake! Snakes! By Outsider (Arizona), Oh My God by Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass (Vermont) and The Rubbish Zoo’s I Don’t Know Where I Go though the rest of the material also give off a very distinct flavour of their respective state. It’s a great way to close out what has been a wonderful series of music, and Choose My Music Records has certainly created something worthy of being put to rest.

I would also like to congratulate Dom Paczko, who came up with the idea while doing the most mundane of household chores. You’ve done something good buddy, and raised so much money for Camden Calling, well done, you deserve every success you’ve gained.

The State Of Music Vol 5 will be released on Friday 9th November via Choose My Music Records, and can be purchased physically on their website, or bought digitally through Amazon, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and every other good retailer. You can also check out and donate to the charity Camden Calling here too.

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  1. Thank you so much for all your support with this project. I am glad you have enjoyed it.

    See you in 2013 with more releases (hopefully)