LA Vampires & Maria Minerva - The Integration

When: November 2012
Where: Not Not Fun

LA Vampires is the experimental pop project of Amanda Brown, and this is her new album The Integration, featuring Maria Minerva. It follows on from LA Vampires’ previous collaboration album with Zola Jesus just last year, and this seems to be the perfect match of artists.

Featuring some celestial pop music, LA Vampires and Maria Minerva explore the darkest corners of the genre to bring out the best in some murky sounding instrumentals. Yet despite the somewhat muddy production, there is some of the catchiest music of the year on The Integration.

Repeated loops, synths and vocals make The Integration a very claustrophobic record. It’s pretty difficult to stop yourself from listening to the entire thing once you’ve heard tracks such as Integration and Alien In My Heart, and once you’ve hit the real highlights in Desire Desire and Seasons Change, you’ll be glad you stuck around.

It’s a great record that will have people hooked the second they hear it. It’s very hard to find the will to stop one of these songs as they have been crafted with incredible detail and filled out with some of the best beats of the year. LA Vampires might get some slack for not producing some material solely on it’s own, but my goodness am I glad it likes to collaborate.

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