Mellor - In The Water

Released: 26/11/2012
Label: Top Notch Records

Mellor is a four piece band from Reading, and this is their wonderful new single In The Water. It also comes along with a video with a great concept, with the band playing in an empty shop window, playing to the masses of nobody. Has the music mainstream forgotten about guitar bands? In my opinion they have, what we had in pure talent is now replaced with meat dresses and arse implants, and a woman who was a victim of domestic abuse but still decided to collaborate with her attacker.

Featuring a jangly riff and a sunny atmosphere, In The Water is a great track similar to something The Kooks could have released on their debut album. It’s instantly accessible, and contains one hell of an infectious guitar riff. It’s a happy go lucky song with a fantastic guitar solo on the end too.

Mellor have created a great radio hit for themselves, and also one that expands their sound further too. I can see it getting lots of airplay, enough to possibly bring back the golden age of indie bands to the mainstream once again.

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