The Dirty Nil - Little Metal Baby Fist

Released: 25/09/2012

This is the new 7” single by The Dirty Nil, a three piece band with a knack for badass song titles. It is called Little Metal Baby Fist and features three new tracks, one of which is a cover of the brilliant Moonage Daydream by David Bowie. Apparently there are rumours flying around that their cover is Bowie’s personal favourite, a rumour that was totally not made up by the band themselves. Nope.

The Dirty Nil has brought together three tracks that are pretty much straight forward garage rock, complete with emotive, shouty vocals and harsh, brutal guitars and drums, it’s a very decent set of eardrum bursting material. And with the warning to “PLAY LOUD” by the band, to come out of it without an eardrum or two hanging out around your earlobes, you’ve not done it right.

Second track Hate Is A Stone introduces a softer, slower side of The Dirty Nil to listeners, bringing forth a bit of a groove to the mix instead of the band’s usual fast paced punch to the face. While it may seem like the track will begin to drag on a bit, the guys quickly return to the heavy stuff to kick the track into first gear towards an almost ballad like ending, as ballad as you can get from voice breaking screams and roaring guitars at least.

To bring the 7” to a close, The Dirty Nil end with a cover of Moonage Daydream, and it works pretty well. Featuring a pretty sweet punk breakdown, numerous guitar squeals here and there, and a guitar solo that is close to exploding, the track is the best way to close out what has been a chaotic yet solid effort by The Dirty Nil.

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