The Evens - The Odds

When: 19/11/2012

Where: Dischord Records
The Evens is a two piece from Washington, DC, and this is its third album The Odds. Comprising of former Fugazi member Ian Mackaye and his partner Amy Farina, this pair bring forth a very original sound, complete with baritone guitar, nicely chaotic drums and the underlying sense of being out to quash any hope of a Fugazi reunion.

The Odds is an album full of great chemistry from Mackaye and Farina, which is to be expected, but the high level of comfort these two display is great. The way they trade off lines and share the same amount of influence is effortlessly glorious, and makes for a record that’s extremely confident in its ability to bring out some great tracks.

Wanted Criminals gives off a tantalising show of pure venom and fury, assuring the listener that Mackaye hasn’t lost his previously manic personality, and the way it switches from a silky groove to a full on explosion of noise is fantastic. Wonder Why is also another example of how to make an impact without necessarily throwing yourself into a wall. It just has the right amount of volume to it for it to be heard properly, and not to be shoved aside as some filler track. The drums on it are brilliant too.

All in all it’s great to see that for someone who was involved in one of the greatest punk bands around, Ian Mackaye has adapted well to his adult life, and now bares a project that fits with his maturity without making it devoid of personality. The Odds is just great.

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