Revocation - Teratogensis

When: November 2012
Label: Scion Audio Visual

These days it’s hard to bring forth technical death metal that appeals the masses, though if anyone had the chance to break through that glass ceiling its Revocation. These guys have been around since the start of the century and while their last full length Chaos Of Forms hasn’t exactly received glowing reviews, this Teratogensis EP looks primed and ready to blow a few dozen minds.

This EP is everything Chaos Of Forms should have been. It is bold, it is brash, and it displays all of it’s ugliness in all its glory. The guitar riffs are demented, and the drums are just completely insane – it’s fantastic. Many of the fans stated the big criticism of the album is its inability to keep the listener hooked, and Teratogensis does this very well.

Teratogensis is Revocation’s return to producing some intense material that doesn’t ease up on the brutality or technical ability at all. It’s immense, and it scares the fuck out of me at some points, but my god it’s enjoyable.

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