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All Hail Bright Futures out 19/03/2012
And So I Watch You From Afar returns with Like A Mouse, an extremely fun instrumental track set to get listeners hyped for the Irish band’s next album All Hail Bright Futures. But as we’ve got to wait until the 19th of March to hear the new record, Like A Mouse brings a lot of anthemic energy and happiness that will keep us entertained for – at least – a little while.

Like A Mouse is tightly composed and very well performed. Featuring a lot of distortion and light hearted group vocal harmonies it’s pretty difficult not to get obsessed with this thing. It’s a very cartoon-y track, like something you’d expect to hear from a Scott Pilgrim or Kick-Ass film as the fast tempo and crashing drums can make for a great background for any of the crazy shit that happens in them.

It’s nice to be given a track that doesn’t need to be taken seriously, and Like A Mouse helps remind myself that everything can be made fun. Even reviewing.

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