Elusive Little Comments | 10 Albums To Look Forward To In 2013

2012 was another fantastic year for music, and this year looks set to at least be on par with it. Below will be records that have caught my interest enough and would make this year one of the best for music if they do indeed deliver the goods. Let’s hope they actually do get released this year (I’m looking at you Queens Of The Stone Age…) or I’m gonna look a little bit silly. 

10. Pissed Jeans – Honeys

On February 12th noise rockers Pissed Jeans will be dropping Honeys, the follow up to highly acclaimed debut King Of Jeans. I’m looking forward to hearing some more ballsy, gritty and disgustingly metallic punk riffs fronted by some bloodthirsty yells, and hopefully Pissed Jeans will deliver.

09. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – TBA

After reuniting on the tailend of last year to play quite possibly the smallest gig possible, alt-rock-now-pop Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be releasing their fourth album this year. With rumours of James Murphy (RIP LCD Soundsystem) working on a track or two with them it’s looking pretty set to be yet another masterpiece from Karen O and co.

08. Foals – Holy Fire

Also set for release in February is the new album from Oxford rock band Foals. Holy Fire has had a couple of it's tracks put on show already by the band and they – Inhaler especially – are really good. Surely it’s fair to assume in this moment of foreshadowing that this record is going to be Foals’ best work yet?

07. Vampire Weekend – TBA

There have been nothing but rumours surrounding Vampire Weekend but I’m just gonna go with them and hope that these guys release a new album soon. I loved the debut and last album Contra so these guys need to get busy and release more of their wonderful indie sound ASAP.

06. Everything Everything – Arc

Everything Everything have put out two great tracks as we impatiently wait for second album Arc. Cough Cough is the single that has seemingly piped interest into every single person that's heard it and that includes me. It's jagged electronic structure and infectious beat is something I want to hear throughout Everything Everything's next record.

05. Atoms For Peace – Amok

We don’t see many supergroups these days but here’s one that will certainly do for now. Thom Yorke and Flea and many other musicians have teamed up to create Atoms For Peace and in February it will be releasing debut album Amok. For those who haven’t heard Default yet, you really should because it will most likely lure you in and transform you to a place in which The King Of Limbs never happened and Radiohead remained good. Cannot wait for this record.

04. Iceage – You’re Nothing

Copenhagen’s best post-punks will be returning to the scene in the form of You’re Nothing. Their debut album was so well crafted and really brought a lot of grittiness back to the post-punk genre. According to the press release the album “pushes the band’s singular sound to further extremes resulting in twelve examples of the myriad ways Iceage have written, and re-written the short aggressive rock sound.” so it sounds like it’s going to be nothing other than fucking wonderful.

03. Kill It Kid – TBA

Ever since the release of debut album Feet Fall Heavy, blues-rock band Kill It Kid has remained one of my favourite bands. According to this reply on Twitter they sent to ME they will definitely be making some more music, and I'm seriously hoping it's released this year. These guys were featured on a "To look out for" article for some website recently, and nothing would make me happier than to see Kill It Kid receive the attention they deserve.

02. My Bloody Valentine – TBA

Yep. YEP. 2013 is set to be the year in which we FINALLY get the follow up to quite possibly the greatest shoegaze album ever made. My Bloody Valentine were set to release the follow up to Loveless before 2012's close but as I guess you expected that didn't happen.

According to the MBV Facebook page the record is finished - so I have no idea what they’re waiting for - and I am so very excited to hear it. Loveless is one of the most highly regarded albums of the century, and one that My Bloody Valentine will never be able to recreate again. I’m hoping that every single one of you has realized this, and that you won’t blow off this new record because it won't be something as seminal as Loveless. Nothing will, but let’s just enjoy the fact that these guys are making music again. Please?

01. Queens Of The Stone Age – TBA

Queens Of The Stone Age are set to finally release their sixth studio album at some point of 2013. Whether it will happen in March like the recently debunked rumour stated, or whether it happens on the 31st December I just want this thing released already. As a huge fan of these guys ever since my prepubescent ears heard Sick Sick Sick for the very first time in 2007, I am dying to hear new material.

This is definitely going to be in contention for album of the year, something that makes Dave Grohl put Foo Fighters to bed has got to be fantastic. Grohl will be back on drums, former bassist turned psycho Nick Oliveri will make an appearance, Trent Reznor (who will be releasing an album with Nine Inch Nails this year) has worked on a song with Josh Homme so this new record has all of the qualities to be something special. Now Josh, if you could just shoehorn Mark Lanegan somewhere in amongst the talent then please do so. 

And there we have it! These are just ten albums that I'm looking forward to hearing this year. I cannot wait to see what the real highlights of 2013 will be, whether it will come from the aforementioned artists or some artist none of us have even heard of yet, that's the beauty of music. Here's to a great year!

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