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Tall For Jockeys return with Summer, a track surprisingly about everybody’s favourite season. In particular this track was written about and during summer 2012, a pretty good year infact. We had the Olympics held in my wonderful country of England and that went pretty well, the new James Bond film came out and nearly gave me a nervous breakdown, and I’m pretty sure that was around the time I started living solely on Pot Noodles too.

Fortunately Summer isn’t a 20 minute ballad detailing the above and is actually a fast explosion of sound instead. Featuring a ton of distortion, this guitar-heavy track is set to blow your eardrums in a good way. The slightly muddy vocals sink deep into Summer’s many layers and creates a very driven sound which makes for a solid listen.

Expect some more songs from Tall For Jockeys soon, as I believe these guys will be heading into the studio to record some more material. I look forward to hearing what these guys can deliver.

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