Friday Roundup: Music Of The Week #1 | Elusive Little Comments

Welcome to Friday Roundup! A brand new series for Elusive Little Comments in which I bring together the best releases of the week and pack them into one weekly post! Making sure you don’t miss out on some top notch music.

What a week it has been! With the release of My Bloody Valentine’s MBV it puts an end to twenty two years of waiting for new material from the originator of shoegaze, and unlike Chinese Democracy, it was the worth the wait. Releases from the likes of Foxygen and The Knife were also very strong and will no doubt make it onto some end of year lists, and the news of Elton John contributing to the new Queens Of The Stone Age record tops off what has been a surreal week.

Below are a list of everything you should get into from this week, and I will see you next Friday for the second instalment of Friday Roundup!



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