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Welcome to Friday Roundup! A new series in which we at Elusive Little Comments compile a list of the best music featured every week to get rid of the shit and give you nothing but hits! Last week we had the release of the new My Bloody Valentine album to have as our big cheese, and this week it’s our birthday! That’s right Elusive Little Comments is two years old today! There will be a little bit written about that at the end, but right now have what we feel is the best music featured this week.




Elusive Little Comments is 2 years old today and it has been a blast. From what started out originally as an unemployed teenager posting his poorly thought out opinions on the internet as a way to vent his frustrations out on something over than himself this has become a pretty successful project. It has helped me mature as a person and for that the blog has matured into a credible, reliable source of good to fantastic music. I only want to continue doing this because I’ve loved interacting with numerous artists, record labels and PR people and it’s certainly made my life a lot more enjoyable being able to help out an artist in need of exposure every single day.

Now that I’m finally in the right frame of mind to take blogging seriously I hope to see Elusive Little Comments finally hit that 100,000 hits mark. From then on we will continue to provide good content to anybody who’s willing to listen, and hopefully do this for many years to come. Thank you to everybody who’s been a part of this blog, whether that’s sending me music, liking us on Facebook, retweeting us on Twitter, even merely reading one of the many reviews means a lot to me. Thank you; we’ll see you next year on our third birthday.

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