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Released March 11th via Song By Toad Records

Glasgow-trio Sparrow And The Workshop look set to return with the release of new single Shock Shock on March 11th via Song By Toad Records. With promise of the band’s third album being released sometime this year too, it seems like now’s the best time to get into them, and Shock Shock is the best place to start.

Shock Shock is a pretty straight forward track that sticks very closely to its structure, though where other bands may droop in keeping things interesting Sparrow And The Workshop keep everything exciting. There’s the heavy rock guitar riff which whirls and accompanies the vocals perfectly, helping to keep a steady groove throughout. The added guitar parts during the breakdown help break the song up a little, which fortunately allows the drums to get in on a little spotlight time. The bass does a great job at producing some pulsating lines to keep things going sour, and the female vocals add a nice dynamic to your everyday standard rock tune.

It’s the cohesiveness within Sparrow And The Workshop that makes Shock Shock work well. These guys clearly work well together and are a tight band, and this new track encapsulates everything you should expect from one of their live shows. Shock Shock is an infectious track of greatness, and I should stop listening to it before it becomes forever engraved in my brain. Great track.

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