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Rating Tier: LOVED
Streaming Lights are a three piece band, and this is their new single Shake It Up. Last year these guys burst onto the scene with their Slush Fund Blues EP, with which its infectious sounds and catchy tracks made it one of my favourites of 2012. Set to introduce a new style of sound for 2013, Shake It Up looks to be the start of a great year to be a Streaming Lights fan.

Featuring a distorted guitar and drums which really showcase their talent it’s hard not to be caught in Shake It Up’s accessible hands. The drums really add a lot of impact and power to the track’s simple guitar riff, and the vocals are seemingly free to hit any pitch they want throughout, really adding to the fun this track exhumes.

Once again Streaming Lights have created yet another ridiculously catchy song. Shake It Up seems to have had a focus on making the instrumentation stand out as the main hook, which to me sounds like Streaming Lights are going to take a more dancey direction to their sound. Either way I’m sure it’s going to sound great as Shake It Up is fantastic and these guys have done nothing wrong so far. Check it out below.

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