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The Winter Olympics is a band from London, and this is their new track Heavy Metal Ending. It’s about frontman Andrew Wagstaff’s own time as a rock critic, and the love/hate relationship that often comes from them. I am one of these critics, and sadly I’m part of the hate section of said relationship.

Last year The Winter Olympics released Profit And Loss, an album full of energy and optimism but just didn’t sit right with me at all. I enjoyed the happiness but by the end it just became too much and some of the tracks involved some terribly generic lyrics and riffs, making it impossible for me to return to even in the happiest of moods.

You can imagine my surprise when new track Heavy Metal Ending features a riff totally unexpected to source from The Winter Olympics. With its heavily distorted, almost 80’s style production it really brings a lot of much-needed originality to the band’s sound.

Aside from this riff and the expectant energy the band manage to breathe into it Heavy Metal Ending fails to really get things moving progression-wise. The riff eventually fades into white noise as it remains the same throughout the track’s length, and because of this the track itself feels very samey too. There’s a lack of an exciting riff to help differentiate the verses from the chorus; the only thing that changes are Andrew Wagstaff’s vocals, and even then it’s just to become more over the top and annoying as the track continues.

Heavy Metal Ending is a track that had a bright beginning with the riff and quick energy building tempo but unfortunately fails to capitalise on it with an even better finale. I don’t see myself returning to this track, and honestly with Profit And Loss not being good either, I don’t see myself returning to The Winter Olympics either.

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