Brave Baby - Lakeside Trust | Elusive Little Comments

When: 23rd February 2013
Where: Hearts & Plugs
Outof10: 6.8/10

Brave Baby are back and this time they come prepared with Lakeside Trust, the third single from their debut album Forty Bells. I know I feature these guys a lot on Elusive Little Comments – infact I think they’re probably the most featured artist on here – but if you haven’t managed to check out Forty Bells then you definitely should, or if you haven’t got enough time right now then at least check out the previous two singles Living In A Country and Magic And Fire.

Lakeside Trust is a song destined for radio play as it just contains everything you want from a single. It has the catchy guitar riffs, the slightly above normal tempo, and the well performed and easy-to-sing-along vocals and there’s even some horns cropping up by the end. It pretty much ticks the variety and enjoyment boxes, and it’s all performed underneath this umbrella of happiness too. It’s very uplifting, and impossible to dislike. If this doesn’t get you into Brave Baby then there’s something wrong with you. Sorry.

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