Flashbulb Fires - Dark Ghost (I've Got Arms) | Elusive Little Comments

When: 28th February 2013
Where: Choose My Music Records
Outof10: 7.1/10

Flashbulb Fires are a three piece band from Colorado and this is their new single Dark Ghost (I’ve Got Arms) from new album Gasconader. These guys are the first of six bands to see special UK releases of their material via Staffordshire label Choose My Music Records. The six chosen bands were all involved in the label’s The State Of Music series last year, which set out to feature one artist from each 50 states of America.

Dark Ghost (I’ve Got Arms) bares a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere composed of reverb-heavy guitar melodies, paper thin drums and very warm and lovely vocals. The track is allowed to progress at it’s own pace, keeping things sounding and transitioning naturally which overall helps boost the quality of it. As well as the instrumentation being silky smooth, this track will smoothly get into your head and stay there for a long time. It’s infectious and really enjoyable.

Honestly I think Dom Paczko has made a great decision with having Flashbulb Fires as their debut output this year. Their sound is easily accessible and catchy enough to receive radio play, and it also has a pretty British indie rock vibe to it which will obviously help them get connected to the public too. Look out for the special UK release of Flashbulb Fires’ Gasconader on April 8th.

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