Friday Roundup: Music Of The Week #4 | Bye Bye February! | Elusive Little Comments

Welcome to Friday Roundup! A weekly series in which I pick out the best music featured every week on Elusive Little Comments! It’s really just to help you guys find the good music and avoid the bad, so Friday Roundup is always gonna be your best bet! This edition however is a little different for it is the start of March, which means that we can look through our recently passed month and pick out its highlights. Enjoy, and there was no Fran’s Five Star Albums this week because he was a little busy this week, but expect the follow up to his awesome review of Lou Reed’s Transformer to appear next Friday.

Alright, the list is gonna be long but it’s worth it. Check out below for February’s best albums, EPs, splits and singles and get reading. Happy listening!





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