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Welcome to Friday Roundup! A weekly series in which I pick out the best music featured every week on Elusive Little Comments! It’s probably the greatest way to discover great music without having to grit your teeth listening to the horrible stuff first. This week’s been pretty amazing really, though I did end up getting in a bit of a tiff with a certain CEO of a record label which I shall talk about at the end of this post.

So yeah, let’s get to it! Enjoy the best of this week’s music featured on Elusive Little Comments. Happy listening! Oh and there’s no albums as I only reviewed one this week, oh dear.



As I mentioned earlier I got in a bit of a feud at the start of this week. At the start of the week I saw that the Elusive Little Comments facebook page had been sent a message and received some activity. It turned out to be a hateful message from some guy who called me a couple rude words who then took things a little bit further and spammed the post that linked to the review of Peter Ulrich’s The Painted Caravan by pasting a positive review of said album in its comments section. Obviously I banned the guy and deleted the spam but what got me was that after searching the guy’s name in Google I found out that this guy who had proceeded to do some pretty childish actions was actually the CEO of a record label. The record label that distributed The Painted Caravan in America.

So some words were sent back rightly calling him out and things got a little heated for a couple days. The guy actually sent an apology on the review of the album but deleted it so he could get his record label to pass along a “word” on their facebook page basically composed of tooting his horn with a smarmy reply that reeked of him thinking he got the better of me. Considering that I was calling him a child and unprofessional, this kind of reply wasn’t exactly the best way to prove me wrong. I know the review wasn’t exactly glowing and was definitely written with sarcastic fingers but that’s just how I wanted to show how much I didn’t enjoy the record. At the very least I was expecting the artist to make a comment, not have the CEO of the record label basically foam at the mouth throwing his toys out the pram typing away some old man trash talk nonsense that just came across as hilariously stupid.

So in the end I decided not to reply back because I wanted the guy to feel good about himself for literally using the word huckleberry and thinking he won the war despite being nearly 60 and being more immature than a 19 year old. I also wanted them to leave up the message to show to their fans that all of this “we expected to get bad reviews, we knew it would happen, nevermind” bile they brought up every time they found one was nothing but a front to maintain their “cool” image, which after this week, has been shattered completely. Good job guys, the winner is me, and I thank you.

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