Perdu - Cartoons/Sailboats Are White | Elusive Little Comments

When: 26th January 2013
Where: PERDU
Outof10: 7.4/10

This year I have certainly been into many things, but it seems my biggest crush is for split singles. If you care to have a look through Elusive Little Comments you will see that I have become a huge fan of Out Of Sound Records and PERDU because of their ability to bring me music that’s both insane and insanely excellent. Well the latest to be released comes from PERDU with the Cartoons/Sailboats Are White split. Cartoons are a bunch of grunge-punks from Toronto who channel the spirit of early Nirvana to produce some weird and wonderful music, and Sailboats Are White are a fast paced mindfuck who recently reformed after making a pretty big name for themselves back in the last decade, so I’m pretty hyped to hear this split.

Cartoons kick off this split with Cheetos, a random topic to discuss but one I can appreciate. This track is full of distorted guitar riffs and a broken drumbeat which with the terribly lo-fi production makes everything go blurry and weird for a little while. It’s a great listen though; it’s like if Wavves were good. Choke, Murder Dance and Not Here also display more of this jagged, gritty sound but they too also have some sort of groove to them. Not Here in particular is definitely the most accessible track on this split with its bassline intro and catchy guitar riff. These guys clearly know what they’re doing even if that’s making their music sound like they don’t, but the songs are good and they seem pretty awesome really.

As Cartoons finish their half I thought maybe the second half of this split would be a little quieter but NOPE, here come Sailboats Are White with an ear-piercingly brutal feedback intro for the warm and fuzzy As My Guitar Gently Pukes. Just like Cartoons these guys use a lot of distortion and speed to knock comprehension out of the park and deliver the goods in less than 2 minutes. The Burning Spear cover of Call On You is a mirage of fuck with all kinds of sounds and noises appearing throughout to make everything completely disorientating for a bit. Closing out the split is hiya!, yet again the most accessible Sailboats Are White have been on this confusing yet exhilarating listen.

Yet again PERDU continue to bring forth another reason why I’m glad I’ve gotten into splits this year, and another reason why I love Canada so much. Cartoons and Sailboats Are White have got to be two of the hardest bands to listen to but they still remained enjoyable even if my eardrums feel they’ve been violated hard. 

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