Soulnaturals - If It's War (You're Looking For) | Elusive Little Comments

When: 25th March 2013
Where: British Soul Standard
Outof10: 7.6/10 (LOVED)

UK Soul/RnB project Soulnaturals have dropped new single If It’s War (You’re Looking For) and it is absolutely fantastic. Featuring established artist Sharon Gitau, this track perfectly recreates the sensuous atmosphere that made Soul and RnB great in the 70s. After hearing that new Cody ChesnuTT track, today is definitely a soul day.

Beginning with a dramatic piano-led almost police-show jingle If Its War quickly melts into this deeply seductive synth harmony that immediately gets everything hot under the collar. Sharon Gitau’s wonderful vocals fit deep within the sound instantly and suddenly this track has the listener hooked right away. This is a hugely enjoyable listen with lots of infectious grooves and basslines which reflects back to the oldschool Soul and RnB and pulls off a monstrously good single. Check out the track below, and look out for more releases from Soulnaturals, hopefully leading to a new album.

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