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When: 25th February 2013
Where: Mystery Plays Records
Outof10: 7.1/10

Still Life With Sound is the debut release of Melbourne based producer Tristan Coleman. This EP is out on Mystery Plays Records and features four tracks which blend different genres together to craft original sounds and create rhythms that won’t be heard anywhere else. It’s a varied and intriguing listen.

We begin with Good Money, a track with a pretty tame intro with some synth beats and warm vocals from Coleman which eases its way into the listener’s ears. Fortunately many sounds are added into the mix with some percussion thrown in to give off a real jagged vibe, and Coleman’s voice goes on its own adventure by hitting some high notes that add some real depth to this track. This is a simple yet good start to the EP.

For me the highlight has to be Rituals (Part 3) because of the sheer number of instruments and samples that appear on it. Beginning with some violin and other worldly background noises this track is already showing off more colours than Good Money. Rituals (Part 3) is a right little jazz number with some catchy riffs and melodies performed throughout, and much like scotch it always goes down smooth. It was unexpected to hear a bit of jazz on Still Life With Sound, but it’s good to be unexpectedly treated. Great song.

Precious Ghostly Metal offers more of a percussive twist to the EP and Tristan Coleman pulls it off extremely well. For a song made up of what seems to be bits of metal playing around together it’s actually pretty catchy, and the added riffs in the background really does this into a haunting affair. Final track Bad Money brings out a well rounded example of Tristan Coleman’s sound by performing it on a slower pace and with a more emotive atmosphere, creating a last hurrah for what has been a great listen. Still Life With Sound is out now, and you can buy it here

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