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Good news everyone! Vampire Weekend are back! The band who've produced two brilliant albums in Vampire Weekend and Contra and a boatload of hits finally give us something to look forward to this year with the release of TWO songs from their upcoming third album Modern Vampires Of The City. Lead single Diane Young reveals an even more chaotic side of Vampire Weekend, with a flurry of drums and electric beats forming the backdrop for some light explosions of synths and some infectious vocals, not to mention the full blown eruption of sound that emerges somewhere in the middle of the track, oh and that weird underwater vocal bit too. That’s also nice. LOVE this track.

Step was the second track released alongside and it creates quite a nice contrast and a little bit of hope that Modern Vampires Of The City is going to remain just as varied as its predecessors. It’s a slower paced track which harkens back to Vampire Weekend’s “English” sound if you will, with some real nice riffs and melodies played throughout which produces a very nice relaxed song. It’s lovely.

These two tracks are both fantastic and also reveal the progression in Vampire Weekend’s sound for the new album. Modern Vampires Of The City is going to be a good’un that’s for sure. Expect it to be released on 7th May via XL Recordings.

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