With A Messy Head - You Don't Have To Be Fashionable Vol 1. | Elusive Little Comments

When: 16th January 2013
Where: With A Messy Head
Outof10: 7.5/10

With A Messy Head is a project of a man named Pierre, and this is its debut compilation You Don’t Have To Be Fashionable Vol 1. It features thirteen pop and indie tracks from independent artists all over the world and as well as giving off the message that you can be late and still look a state, it’s also pretty excellent too.

This compilation is full of cutesy pop and indie tunes that will certainly keep you in a good mood. There’s a certain light-heartedness surrounding it – possibly from the overly happy monsters on the cover – that makes for some real good easy listening, and the amount of great bands that are introduced to the listener is awesome too. Thanks Pierre.

My highlights would be Shelby Bryant’s Harry Situation, Deekie’s Be Still, The Internet’s Restraint and finally Paul & Pierre’s Lon Chaney (Alt.). These tracks really show off just how well put together and varied You Don’t Have To Be Fashionable Vol 1. is, and Paul & Pierre certainly help vary it in a big way. Seriously, check that song out and tell me it’s not completely amazing.

With A Messy Head are certainly onto a winner here with this compilation, and if they continue it then I think we’ll have this year’s version of Choose My Music’s The State Of Music series. Pierre man I hope you make more of these, and take those monsters along with you too. I freaking love this compilation, and I can’t wait for volume 2. 

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