Wolf People - All Returns | Elusive Little Comments

When: 15th April 2013
Where: Jagjaguwar
Outof10: 7.0/10

This beast of a song is All Returns, the first single to be dropped by UK four piece Wolf People for upcoming album Fain. These guys have been known to deliver some pretty fuzzy and gritty psychedelic rock but for their sophomore LP they seem to have implemented some British and Scottish folk into their sound to craft a much more concise and detailed output second time round.

Featuring a lot of riffs, melodies, solos and spaced out vocals All Returns contains a lot inside but is allowed to progress at its own pace with a five minute timeframe. Each minute is enjoyable, whether that’s because of the folk-y lead guitar melody that’s both weird yet infectiously good, or the heavy hitting distorted riffs or the combination of that and the relaxed vocals which creates a really nice cool/chaotic dynamic in the song that keeps it constantly exciting throughout.

All Returns is a great song and I cannot wait to hear new album Fain. Look out for Wolf People’s second album on the 30th April.

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