Nat Jenkins - East & West | Elusive Little Comments

When: 19th April 2013
Where: Camouflage Recordings
Outof10: 7.2/10

East & West is the new single from Nat Jenkins, a man set to bring the world back to a time where guitars ruled the land and autotune was instantly dismissed. With all kinds of hype surrounding this guy I think it’s clear that he is going to become the saviour of rock n roll, let us worship him.

Featuring all of the traits of late 50s/early 60s rock n roll Nat Jenkins uses these nostalgic elements to turn East & West into a modern feelgood hit. With a lot of infectious guitar riffs, the occasional sprinkle of synth and a ridiculous amount of perfect sing along vocal hooks it’s hard to enjoy this song. It’s definitely a punchy little blighter.

This is a hugely enjoyable song, and one that certainly justifies why Nat Jenkins is receiving quite a bit of hype lately. I can’t wait to hear future material from this guy, and whether or not he does succeed in bringing rock n roll back to the spotlight.

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