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When: 19th April 2013
Where: Nomad Songs
Outof10: 7.5/10 (LOVED)

Roxanne de Bastion is a singer songwriter and this is her debut album The Real Thing. Originally from Berlin, Roxanne decided to make a change and leave everything but her acoustic guitar behind for London, where she began performing at various open mic nights, bars and venues in order to get her sound across, playing Beatles covers to whoever who listen. With today being the release of debut record with Nomad Songs I think this very ballsy move has paid of; I am very jealous of your balls Roxanne.

We begin with 1964, a sweet, light-hearted track featuring some sunny acoustic instrumentation and easy going vocal harmonies which creates a nice solid start to The Real Thing. What I love most aside from the intricate guitar playing is the little laugh heard after a vocal harmony right before the whistling bridge, it adds a nice touch of character to a sound which is formed from the most basic of formulas and makes this track even sweeter.

The instrumentation throughout is simple but it does lay down the perfect canvas for Roxanne to hone her lyricism and make her material sound more personal and individual. Some Kind Of Creature in particular talks about a bad relationship or something but it’s definitely a nice change to hear something that sounds pretty genuine rather than hearing about people never ever ever getting back together.  

Then again there are some nicely placed little tidbits of extra sounds added to the material to help divide up the songs a little easily. Empty Space begins with a snippet of feedback and follows on with a slightly distorted production, which also carries on to the lead single Red And White Blood Cells. The single features lots of distorted guitar and a pretty urgent atmosphere too, making it a lot different from anything else on The Real Thing. The “white *WHITE!* blood cells” vocal hook is also pretty awesome too.

The Real Thing is a great debut album and one full of memorable tracks and moments that will keep it played over and over again. For something built on a simple formula as sole vocalist + acoustic guitar Roxanne de Bastion has done her best to keep it sounding fresh and personal by adding her personal touch to many of the elements shown. More importantly this record allows her beautiful voice to take centre stage for its majority, something that definitely helped make this album one of the more entertaining albums heard recently. This is a great effort from Roxanne, and I can’t wait to hear what she does next. Awesome.

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