Coyote Kisses - Thundercolor EP | Elusive Little Comments

When: 5th May 2013
Where: SoMeta Records
Outof10: 7.3/10 (LOVED)

TIME TO GET EXCITED. Thundercolor EP is the sophomore release from Coyote Kisses. These guys are a two piece from Florida and they have already achieved huge success in their young career and have earned the praise from such big names as Deadmau5, Crystal Method, Diplo and many more. This EP looks to solidify Coyote Kisses’ status as one of the brightest projects with four tracks that – unlike many EPs – tie into eachother like a full length would.

We begin with Driving At Night, which bares a slow-paced piano melody alongside various percussive elements that accompanies the peacefulness behind a midnight drive. The mix of pitch shifted guitars and vocals ease the track into a fantastic finale full of bright and vibrant sounds that kicks off Thundercolor extremely well.

Stay With You is an energetic number full of different beats and melodies which keeps it sounding exciting all the time. With bass lines bouncing all over the place while the synth dominates the airwaves with some crazy sounds. This Is How You Know offers a heavier, rock-infused groove with a ridiculously infectious synth beat and all kinds of vocal chaos thrown in to keep things sounding extra mental.

Finally Changing Guard closes out the EP with some heavy guitar play predominantly featured alongside some delicately performed synth riff which produces a nice contrast and a great way to close off what has been an incredible listen. Thundercolor EP is fantastic, and I hate myself for not checking out Coyote Kisses until now. Stream the EP below, and purchase it at Beatport too.

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