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When: 30th April 2013
Outof10: 6.0/10

Mechanics & Energetics Of Stilt Running sounds like the best course to take at college but it is also the first official full length from EndAnd. These guys are a trio from New York City and their last release Adventures of Fi in Space received heaps of praise which saw them gain a buttload of fans and even got them headlining the CMJ Festival’s Noise Rock Stage. They play a whole range of genres from punk to hardcore to rock music, and you certainly get that amount of variety on this record – at least, I think you do.

We begin with At Fault’s End, a track which opens the album out to a pretty tame start with a quiet melody and percussion combining together to form a surprisingly lovely intro. The track soon explodes into the usual sound of EndAnd with loud distorted guitars and epic crashing drums alongside the drawn out fuzzed vocals. It’s a solid start to a record that strvies to deliver a lot more.

I’m One Of Three kicks the album in the gut and shoots the listener’s face off with a shotgun forged out of the flames of high octane energy and power. It’s a short burst of awesome, and adds a nice little buzz of extra energy amongst all of the flurries of guitars. Snow Song has that awesome second half which sounds like a metal-drone segment that helps it stand out from the rest of the album, and It’s A Miracle Gone is 45 seconds of caving your own head in. Mental.

There are a lot of good things to say about Mechanics & Energetics Of Stilt Running but they’re all shrouded by one thing – volume. I understand that EndAnd are a noise rock band with a strong emphasis on noise but unfortunately it’s hard to pick out the highlights of this new album because every part of it is performed with the same level of intensity, distortion and volume. There’s not a chance of finding a track that holds back on the volume to allow for a break inbetween the loud heavy hitting material, so it’s difficult to truly get invested into a couple songs when the entire album wants you to be AMPED UP AND EXCITED all the time.

Other bands such as Iceage and WTCHS also deliver with some violent heavy material but they manage to come out with the odd slower song to give the listener a breather, which unfortunately isn’t something EndAnd have utilised for this new album. This sucks, because some of the songs are good, and Commando from Adventures of Fi in Space is badass. But unfortunately the album leaves me stuck with all of my emotions as I can't invest any of them into one song without feeling bad for the others that are trying equally as hard to be heard.

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