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When: 14/05/13
Where: Eleven Seven
Outof10: 4.5/10

Escape the Fate burst onto an already congested 'emo' scene back in 2006 with their debut album 'Dying is Your Latest Fashion' and, unlike many of their peers who've fallen by the alternative wayside, are still very much around and have been consistently progressing their way to post-hardcore.
Their new album 'Ungrateful' is a Smörgåsbord of emotional melodies mixed with solid, chunky guitar riffs and gut-wrenching screams. It opens with the song 'Ungrateful', originally released back in February, which is the epitome of post-hardcore and probably my favourite track, despite not usually being a huge fan of the genre. As the album progresses, there are a couple of tracks, such as 'Live Fast, Die Beautiful' and 'You're Insane', which closely resemble hard rock, rather than the metalcore the beginning of the album sticks faithfully to.
The album has a decent mixture of fast-paced cacophonies and slow, emotional love songs. However, in my opinion, the quality goes noticeably down hill after around halfway through, as if they've excitedly stuck all their best songs at the beginning without giving much thought to the rest. 'Fire it up', the final song on the album, is a pretty good, rock track, but the rest such as 'Risk it all' and 'Desire' sound a lot more mainstream ('One For the Money' could've honestly been released by the Backstreet Boys). It's almost as if they're just there to fill time.
Overall, if you're a fan of 'emo' as a genre or of the band itself, you'll probably really enjoy this album as it sounds pretty similar to their previous ones. Bare in mind that the first track 'Ungrateful' is significantly heavier than the majority of the album, so if you're unfamiliar with the band and just going off that song, I'd advise looking up a few more tracks before committing to a purchase.

(Written by Nia Griffiths)

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