The Stooges - Ready To Die | Elusive Little Comments

When: 30/04/13
Where: Fat Possum Records.
Outof10: 6.0/10
Apparently Iggy Pop managed to find time between performing at Bam Margera's wedding and trying to sell us insurance to record a brand new studio album with The Stooges: 'Ready to Die'.
Iggy and the Stooges have been bashing our ear drums with raw, garage-rock since the sixties and I'd like to believe we're all better off for it.  The Stooges know rock 'n' roll and they do it well; 'Ready to Die', the first album since original guitarist James Williamson returned to the band after their 1974 break up, is no different.
This album, as with the other four Stooges studio albums, is deliriously catchy, if slightly bizarre and definitely cheeky (see the song 'DDs' if you need convincing...). They can make a simple riff and repetitive chorus stick in your head. Songs such as 'Ready to Die', 'Sex and Money' and 'Gun' in particular are real toe-tappers, as well as great, fast-paced tracks for the summer.
There are also a couple of mellow numbers on there, such as 'The Departed' (which has shades of 'I wanna be your dog' about the opening riff) and the heartbreaking 'Unfriendly World', but the majority is simple, dirty rock with a shot of punk.
Overall, a pretty solid album and for a band whose collective age is 310, I think that's pretty good going.
(Written by Nia Griffiths)

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