We Aeronauts - Through The Door | Elusive Little Comments

When: ‘Don Valley EP’ – 10/06/2013
Where: Beard Museum Records
Outof10: 6.5/10

We Aeronauts are a big huge band from Oxford and this is 'Through The Door', the first single to be taken from their upcoming 'Don Valley EP'. These guys have already been adored by critics for their previous 'Chalon Valley EP', and look to bring another solid release to the masses. Do you like fun indie pop? Then this is the song for you.

With big numbers comes a big number of instruments and for that We Aeronauts have got themselves a sound made up of many guitars, bass and synthesiser which gives 'Through The Door' a thick wall of noise comprised of catchy guitar and synth riffs, and handclaps. Let’s not forget the handclaps. I like handclaps.

The vocals cover the instrumentation nicely and add yet another accessible hook into the mix to make 'Through The Door' impenetrable to being called boring, and really this is just a fun listen. If the rest of the material on 'Don Valley EP' is as varied and exciting as this then we’ll have a very good EP to look forward to. Check out the video for 'Through The Door' below, and look out for 'Don Valley EP' on the 10th of June.

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