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When: 04/06/2013
Where: Independent
Outof10: 7.3/10 (LOVED)

You Used To Be Me is the full length debut by Air Marshal Landing. The Canadian three-piece already had us by the balls with the release of single ‘Little Town’ proving to be very good, so we were very excited to check out this record. It took over three years to record, rework then record again so here’s hoping it was worth it. (It was.)

‘Move With You’ opens the album with a synth intro that comes across as a borderline rocky start because of it’s subtlety, but quickly regains ground with the addition of vocals and drums which fortunately turns the track into a pretty catchy listen. Immediately Air Marshal Landing deliver with an infectious groove which is why we enjoyed ‘Little Town’, so we’re glad that this ability to make anything sound catchy is more than just a fluke. This is a great track, and a strong start to an album that looks to deliver more of this ability to get things moving.

Lead single ‘Me And My Friends’ could’ve easily been a part of the random rise of surf-rock in the summer of 2012, kick-started into the spotlight by Foster The People’s ‘Pumped Up Kids’. The way the track dives straight into the good stuff with the pummelling bassline and the jangly surf-rock style guitar before eventually delivering more vocal harmonies is fantastic, and perfectly structured. This is a great little hit for Air Marshal Landing, and certainly has the potential to be as popular as the songs that have boosted the likes of Bastille, The Lumineers and The 1975 into the mainstream.

‘Little Town’ acts as a light hearted break from the slower paced, emotive tracks like ‘Heart, Head, Hands’ with it’s chilled vocal harmonies and equally lax guitar melodies before bursting into a punchy riff which propels it into a great indie song. What it doesn’t prepare us for however is the near 6 minute long ‘Commander Edward Smith’, which is a slow paced and very emotive track. It’s moody guitar and synth intro extends with some various noises, creating a completely different atmosphere from the previous song. It’s a stark change in presence and tone for You Used To Be Me, but the big finale complete with raging guitars and anthemic lyrics is something that’s simply excellent. A very unexpected surprise, but one we appreciate very much.

You Used To Be Me is a fantastic debut from Air Marshal Landing. It serves its purpose of containing two or three potential hits to get the band’s name out but does not hold up on the deeper cuts at all. To go from expecting a semi decent indie record to experiencing something with as much depth and emotion as this does was certainly a mistake from me, but I’m glad to have been proven wrong. An excellent record, indeed.

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