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When: 10/06/13
Where: Nuclear Blast
Outof10: 7.5/10 (LOVED)
After not being too thrilled with Children of Bodom's title track from their new album 'Halo of Blood', I was actually slightly worried about reviewing the whole album. I was anxious they'd strayed too far from what they're best at and tried to push the envelope so far they'd fallen off the table. However, I needn't have worried: this album is awesome.
The title track 'Halo of Blood' is a bit of an anomaly; a hotch-potch of genres which sounds obscure. The rest of the album is typical Children of Bodom: melodic, fast-paced riffs, with a flurry of pinch harmonics, screeching vocals and guitar/keyboard duets.
Tracks such as 'Waste of Skin' and 'All Twisted' remind me of their earlier album 'Follow the Reaper'. Whereas some, such as 'One Bottle and a Knee Deep' has vivid shades of my favourite album of theirs 'Hate Crew Death Roll'. The whole album has a tighter, mature feel, whilst remaining faithful to their unmistakable sound.
To break up the high-tempo, thrashing tracks, there are powerful, slower tracks such as 'Dead Man's Hands on You', which has a strong 'doomy' vibe (although it's Children of Bodom, so not that slow; think 'Angels Don't Kill').
A little tip, if you can, get hold of the bonus track 'Sleeping in my Car'. In true Children of Bodom tradition, they've put their stamp on another cover, this time by Roxette; it's cheesy but terrifyingly catchy and you won't regret it.
As a huge Bodom fan, I'm ecstatic with how good this is considering how much I disliked the track 'Halo of Blood'. They've progressed as musicians and in terms of production, it definitely sounds tighter than some of their earlier albums. However, the Children of Bodom sound is unmistakable and rife throughout. Don't expect another 'Hate Crew Death Roll' because albums like that don't come around very often. However, do expect a decent, solid, impressive Children of Bodom album.
(written by Nia Griffiths)

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