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When: 01/06/2013
Outof10: 7.3/10 (LOVED)

Fluffer is a trio of psychedelic dance rockers from Bloomington, IN and this is Skopsi, their debut album. These guys write some loud, jagged guitar heavy music that’s reasonably controlled yet still unhinged, and the whole dance side of things allows it to become pretty darn catchy. One of the catchiest of the year. Damn you catchy Americans.

Skopsi delivers the accessibility quota immediately as opening track Heathens and single ‘Starfuckers’ pack it with at least a bajillion hooks only two tracks in. ‘Heathens’ begins with a drawn out guitar doing it’s thing before coming out with a guitar riff which alongside the pounding drums turns into a ridiculously catchy intro. It has a nice indie feel to it with lightly strummed guitar melodies drawing the listener in before exploding with huge distorted riffs for the chorus, making it a great start to the album. ‘Starfuckers’ is also your perfect indie song with a guitar riff that sounds familiar in some way and a vocal delivery akin to the likes of Foals and Good Shoes that could make it sit well with us folk in the UK, and there’s swearing – even better.

The trio aren’t afraid to get a little heavier either with ‘Hoopty’ – only a minute and a half long – being mostly a space for feedback to take over the airwaves and possibly damage the ears of some unfortunate souls. This could have very easily become a lame “interlude” of sorts but Fluffer managed to churn out another nicely constructed rhythm to end it on a high. Nice one guys.

Skopsi is a great record that is full of catchy moments and hooks derived from the guitars and vocals. Every song on it has at least one or two moments of pure accessible bliss and as a result we have something that remains awesome for the entire duration. Fluffer have ravaged their virginity by having their first tear them apart with heavy guitar riffs that will no doubt have them wide enough to fit everybody’s appreciation for this record. Like a sausage down a corridor.

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