Internet Forever - White Light Collision Course | Elusive Little Comments

When: 19/05/2013
Where: Tape Alarm Records
Outof10: 7.0/10

Over a year ago Internet Forever dropped a debut self titled album that reached much acclaim and adoration from fans and critics of indie pop everywhere. The band’s mix of the best of indie and pop music formed a sound that was undeniably sweet on the ears but full of excellent songwriting and personality. It was a great album that still gets played today.

Fast forward to the present and we have White Light Collision Course; a reminder that Internet Forever still knows how to create something that’s both catchy and intriguing. The track is thick with lush synthesiser harmonies and scuzzy lo-fi guitar riffs that keeps it moving forward all the time, and mixed with the female vocals on top makes it a delightful little number.

It’s a short but sweet song that shows that a potential second album from Internet Forever could be very good. It’s time to get excited again.

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