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Whew, never done a premier before. I am very excited to bring you the new track by Juffage called ‘Fate’s Gone Away’. This is the new instalment in a series of new Juffage videos this month with the previous being featured on The 405 and Musical Mathematics. For those unaware on Juffage, you absolutely need to check out his debut album Semicircle; a fantastic record that was full of detail and was easily the most original sounding album of 2011.

If you decide not to check out Semicircle then you’re a bad person, but just watch the above video and see how much effort Juffage puts in to creating music. Within 50 seconds he’s formed two melodies and a drum beat, before accompanying it with more drums and bass. Usually this would be enough for a track to stay entertaining but this is just the rhythm section for Juffage as he contributes some extra bass which is melodic but heavily distorted – something fans of Semicircle should be used to by now – and vocals which are sunk into the bass to give off a very unique sound.

‘Fate’s Gone Away’ is a fantastic track full of anthemic moments and just watching the guy perform all of these different instrumental parts makes it that much better. That big finale at the end with the ridiculously loud effect placed on top of the already brash instrumentation alongside a fantastic finale-worthy drum beat makes me so very desperate for a new Juffage album.

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