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When: 31/05/13
Where: Tradecraft, Universal.
Outof10: 3.0/10
Last week I wrote a track review on Megadeth's 'Kingmaker' and expressed how I quite liked it. It didn't quite sound like classic Megadeth but was certainly catchy and seemed as if the band had fun making it.
Skip forward a week and I'm reviewing the album that 'Kingmaker' is from: 'Super Collider' and unfortunately my review for the whole album won't be quite as glowing.
The album opens with the upbeat - almost 'poppy' - 'Kingmaker', which is unfortunately my favourite track on the album. 'Unfortunately' because 'Kingmaker' was okay, maybe even good at best but not great by any means and the album doesn't get any better than that.
The title track 'Super Collider' is downright bizarre. The album progresses (or regresses) into tracks such as 'Burn!' and 'Built for War' which seem somewhat lazy and repetitive. The majority have tuneful choruses, which could sell you on a couple of the tracks but could also put you off. One song - 'Don't Turn Your Back...' - starts off sounding like a blues track and merges into a decent, heavy verse before throwing you into a boppy chorus which boarders on cheesy! It left me feeling a little preterbed because most of the songs seem to follow this formula; there are shreds of a good, heavy metal tune in there but they're ruined by unimaginative choruses.
The whole album has a distinct AC/DC feel to it.  Now, I like AC/DC, they're one of the first bands I'll play after a couple of lagers on a summer's evening, but when you purchase a Megadeth album, you expect to get fast-paced, thrashing metal, not something that you could partly release in the mainstream charts. Megadeth have always been a bit catchy and experimental with rhythm, 'Sweating Bullets' being a prime example, but this takes it a step further and a step too far in my opinion. Megadeth fans: proceed with caution.
(Written By Nia Griffiths)

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