The Glass Delusion - Have You Got A Minute? EP | Elusive Little Comments

When: 17/06/2013
Where: Independent
Outof10: 6.5/10

Society today tells us to be creative and express our emotions and reach for our goals while we grow up into adults and then suddenly replaces all the colours of ambition with grey horror known as full time work, so we’re left as mindless beings hopelessly clawing at any chance for some free time. However if you’re unable to get the time off work to go to a festival featuring QOTSA that you paid two day tickets for and use it as a surprise for you and your girlfriend’s anniversary and totally don’t feel bitter about it at all then check out the debut EP from The Glass Delusion. These guys are an art rock duo from Hull, and all they ask is Have You Got A Minute?

The idea behind this EP is to release fourteen songs all reaching a minute in length. Yep. Fourteen one minute songs clocking in at fourteen minutes of EP. It’s a novel concept and one that definitely helps The Glass Delusion stand out but the frustrating thing about it is there is so much potential here that’s probably going to be wasted under this concept. ‘Rubber Stamp’ in particular could be The Glass Delusion’s best track yet if they extend it into a two or three minute song, because that guitar riff and cowbell combination is wonderful.

Not to discourage you from the EP of course; it’s actually a very entertaining and varied listen that despite its intention to keep things brief keeps making me return to it over and over again. While I disagree with the concept a little there is a lot of great material inside, and for a debut it proves that The Glass Delusion can certainly string an entertaining song together (David Bowee, Haiku Boogaloo, White Blood Pt 1). But seriously though guys please turn ‘Rubber Stamp’ into a three minute song with more of the guitar and the cowbell and lyrics and a hook and you’ve hit gold. Check out three songs from the upcoming EP and see what you think.

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