Whales In Cubicles - Disappear | Elusive Little Comments

When: 17/06/2013
Where: Club The Mammoth/Believe Digital
Outof10: 7.0/10

‘Disappear’ is the new single by trio Whales In Cubicles. The band formed last year but it took a hell of a long wait to actually get together as frontman Stef Bernardi originally left his homeland of Italy to come to America, where he met Alex and Jamie at a Dismemberment Plan gig only to have his visa expire on him, so then he took to London where the guys finally became a band. It’s a great story, and one that proves that no matter what, England is awesome.

Featuring a guitar riff akin to the likes of Smashing Pumpkins and mellowing out into Dinosaur Jr. levels of chilled ‘Disappear’ is a track that pays homage to the sound of 90s grunge music. With music as distorted and catchy as this, and lyrics getting us thinking about our identities it’s hard not to be turned on to Whales In Cubicles as a band to keep an eye on. 

‘Disappear’ is a hugely enjoyable track full of all kinds of moments that can be enjoyed with every single listen. Whales In Cubicles are set to release their debut album sometime in the Autumn and I can’t wait to check out if they’ll deliver more material that’s as catchy as ‘Disappear’. Check out the video for it below, and enjoy.

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