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When: 08/07/13
Where: Metal Blade Records.
Outof10: 8.0/10 (LOVED)
You know that great feeling when you come across a band that you're not familiar with and instantly love them? That's what happened with me and these melodic death metal-ers from Michigan, who've (annoyingly) been around for ten years without me discovering them.
From the first track, 'Force Fed Lies', I had a feeling about them. I will say now that they seriously reminded me of Children of Bodom, a favourite band of mine, so this could explain my initial enthusiasm. This track also reminded me slightly of our very own British, pirate metal band: Alestorm, which only added to my growing fondness. It soon became evident, however, that although Battlecross have trickles of other recognisable bands running through their sound, they're very much their own band.
Tracks such as 'Flesh & Bone', 'Get Over it' and 'Beast' were among my favourites on the album and showed a real versatility, while still remaining faithful to a genre. Their guitars are a solid mix of doom-y, melodic riffs and death metal shredding, which knit seamlessly, along with the crashing drums. I particularly like the guitars in 'Never-Ending Night', which are borderline infectious.
Well, that's enough gushing for one review, I think. It just goes to show that no matter how old you get, branching out, searching for and checking out new bands can be a good thing. Awesome band, awesome album, and I'll definitely keep an eye out for them if and when they tour over here in the UK.
(Written by Nia Griffiths)

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