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When: Vuxola – 13/08/2013
Outof10: 7.3/10

Poor Lily is a three piece punk band from The Bronx and soon they will be releasing second album Vuxola in August. Two years ago when Elusive Little Comments was a little baby I reviewed their self titled debut album and enjoyed it very much. It was one of the first ‘indie’ albums I had ever reviewed, and Poor Lily were the first band to reference and thank me for what I said. It was pretty cool, and for that I’ll always have a bit of a soft spot for them; they did help me get to 800 views afterall.

The band has released two tracks from the upcoming record and they are both brief displays of intense punk music. Not only will they rub shoulders with the best of the genre but they also sound completely original, continuing to carve out this niche Poor Lily have been crafting for years now. ‘Crunchy Skulls’ and ‘The Days Are Not Piano Keys’ both showcase the abrasive, distorted and heavily contorted structure that revolves around Poor Lily’s sound, which has progressively become more unstable as documented on last year’s 3 Songs EP.

‘Crunchy Skulls’ is a heavy explosion of guitar riffs that range from full on testicle bursting power chords to cuppingly good melodies. The vocals scream and yell their way to the top of the disjointed sound and everything just sounds soooo good when unwillingly mashed together. This brings back memories of checking out tracks such as 800 Jerks and Decide To Sleep while also showing off something new, which is good. Progression is good, and Poor Lily is good.

‘The Days Are Not Piano Keys’ immediately continues to bring heavy drums and ringing guitar riffs as it explodes into action and picks up where ‘Crunchy Skulls’ left off. Things do get a little easy to hear as the song breaks out into a “breathe easy” break that allows for the bass to be heard and do its thing. The one thing I loved about Poor Lily is the bass so it’s a joy to hear it remain a fairly vocal part of the band’s sound.

Vuxola is a record I was already anticipating but with the release of these tracks I’m dying to hear the rest of it. Both of the songs are fantastic and with SEVENTEEN more cuts featured on the record it’s going to be a joy to hear it all. Check out ‘Crunchy Skulls’ and ‘The Days Are Not Piano Keys’ below, download them here, check out the reviews of the self titled album and the 3 Songs EP and watch as you become a Poor Lily fan.

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