The Vitamins - Keys to the Limousine | Elusive Little Comments

When: 15/07/2013
Where: The Right To Bear Records
Outof10: 7.0/10

The Vitamins is a three piece band from Bury and this is their new single ‘Keys to the Limousine’. They play a solid mix of rock and blues music which sounds pretty darn catchy, so this should be a good little track to enjoy.

‘Keys to the Limousine’ is a heavy dose of pure distorted rock n roll energy packed backed up with a most sultry of rhythm sections and thrusted into the listener’s minds with one heck of a catchy lead melody. Its 2 minutes of brief but intense music that goes down really well.

B-side ‘I’ve Got a Telephone’ is another rocking affair with a chugging palm muted riff laying down some grooves before the guitar erupts with a rampant beast of a riff that’s both loud and excellent. It’s a great accompaniment to ‘Keys to the Limousine’ and well, now I’m excited to hear more from The Vitamins. Check out the video to the single below, and enjoy the limousines, the cow and even grab yourself a download of the B-side for free too.

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