Yo La Tengo - Ohm | Elusive Little Comments

When: 10/07/2013
Where: Matador Records
Outof10: 8.0/10 (LOVED)

Despite their latest album Fade being released way back in January three piece veterans Yo La Tengo have just dropped a video for track ‘Ohm’ this past week. It’s a pretty trippy affair but one that drops a lot of names of great bands as the video asks “What is Yo La Tengo?” fortunately the video says it’s “ – Mumford & Sons” so at least we know we’re getting none of that.

‘Ohm’ is a glorious track that brings a lot of the casual sounds I’ve grown to appreciate from Dinosaur Jr. but instead of three stacks worth of amps is used to create a sound that’s immediately accessible. The drums provide a nice rhythm for the lazily strummed guitars to lie on top while the trio-vocals transcend the song into ridiculous levels of stoner-y goodness.

I’ve never had the urge to check out Yo La Tengo before but ‘Ohm’ gives me every feeling of regret for not doing so. Check it out below, and just relax as the video takes you on a journey that’s pretty freaking sweet. A modern day Yellow Submarine for sure.

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