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When: 16/07/2013
Like/Love: LOVED

If I Am Young/Air To Breathe is the double A single from Marvellous Medicine. The six piece band from Oxford perform an interesting mix of reggae and pop that excels in having all the laidback qualities of reggae with the hook-heavy capabilities of pop, creating two songs that definitely get me hooked on some marvellous medicine. Bad pun.

‘If I Am Young’ is a straight up dance number full of all kinds of zany instruments which combined creates a sound that’s ridiculously fun to listen to. The dance inspired piano, beastly bass drum and easy going reggae guitar riffs produce an instantly likeable listen that becomes more and more enjoyable with every listen. The quirky vocal delivery fit right in with the vibrant sounds of the instrumentation, and all in all it’s just a wonderful little tune.

‘Air To Breathe’ is a slower paced track that still retains a lot of the groove heard on ‘If I Am Young’ but channels it under a piano-heavy ballad that’s boosted by poppy drums and vocals that once again fit in perfectly. There’s some rapping involved which cuts a nice contrast to the spacey instrumentation, and it continues to bring forth extra sounds and riffs that just sound lovely.

Marvellous Medicine have come onto the scene with two top notch songs that not only showcase just how talented they are, but also how well they can change up their sound. ‘If I Am Young’ is a fantastic dance tune with an original sound and ‘Air To Breathe’ is a wonderful little ballad-y type tune too. I’m very excited to hear more from these guys. Check out the video to ‘If I Am Young’ below, and enjoy.

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