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When: 06/08/2013
Like/Love: LOVE

Poor Lily is a three piece punk trio from The Bronx, and this is the new album Vuxola. This second effort sees the band take on a moodier look of black and white on their cover, all except the one chicken that gleams as orange as the memories of their self titled debut. Beautiful, but it also shows that even within the serious tones of the world we see through said album cover there’s always a little bit of silliness hidden somewhere, which is exactly how you could describe the sound of Vuxola.

To say Poor Lily was a serious introduction is in of itself a silly thing to say, but where the band were allowing the sound of fast paced basslines and crazy instrumentals and equally broken vocal deliveries to come out of their shell on it everything is allowed to dangle freely for the world to see on Vuxola, and the band are very proud to show it.

Tracks such as the previously released ‘The Days Are Not Piano Keys’ feature an interlude of sorts that absorbs all of the punk riffs and angry vocals from the first half and the opener ‘Birdbomb’ and replaces it with an all percussive, all grooving break where the band actively tells the listener to “breathe easy” before heading right back into full speed again. It’s the confidence of Poor Lily’s ability to completely shift their sound into an entirely different direction for a few seconds that really make me enjoy their music. The self titled album had “Hey Fucko” “Decide To Sleep” and “In Gravitas Veritas” as standout tracks but this time around Vuxola casually lets the weird just seep on into its material, allowing it to be on top form for variety and enjoyment.

There’s also a fair share of “serious” songs that fill up the desire for pure unsupervised punk rock too. ‘Slurping Sludge’, ‘Hooliganism’ and ‘Send In The Drones’ are definitely heart stopping mad rushes of distorted fury with guitar riffs coming and going as they please, and that’s just a couple examples. The whole album’s full of stuff like this, it’s crazy.

This album just has everything needed to remain entertaining throughout its nineteen tracks. There’s a fantastic mix of pure energetic displays of straight up ballsy punk rock but also a good amount of simply insane material that keeps everything unbalanced and unsafe; therefore exciting. Poor Lily has delivered this with a sound that’s definitely not heard in punk music these days, and also contends with the classics in terms of originality. These guys always bring forth a beyond mental attitude to their music and it always succeeds at just being excellent.

Vuxola is an album everybody needs to hear, even if they can’t hear what’s to “get”. The only thing that needs to be got is that Poor Lily is a punk band and it delivers exactly that; punk. Punk isn’t all power chords baby, it’s about rebellion, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

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