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Where: On The Grind
Like/Love: LOVE

Neil Jarvis is a singer-songwriter from Manchester, and this is recent single “What’s Done Is Done”. Neil plays a pleasant mix of psychedelic, surf rock and indie which just sounds perfect to us.  This track is part of the Weekends album which can be bought on CASSETTE for a mere £3 on On The Grind’s Big Cartel.

Neil’s sound has been described as baring similarities to such bands as Pavement, Tame Impala, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Real Estate, which makes our job a lot easier because that’s exactly the vibes we’re getting. “What’s Done Is Done” is a wonderful escape from doing anything, and just hanging out when there’s nothing to do. It’s immediately pleasing on the ears, and accessible from the get go. The easiness of the lo-fi captured acoustic guitar allows Neil’s vocals to float on top and the drums cut through like rocks on a beach, it’s all just lovely and wonderful.

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